Value Line Hamper Model VL LH3



Value Line Linen Hamper

  1. Injection molded lid
  2. Designed for easy release and removal of plastic liner or leakproof bag
  3. Eliminates excessive bending and lifting
  4. Wire hangers hold plastic liners or leakproof bags in place
  5. Standard with mesh or leakproof bags
  6. Mesh Velcro-front bags, accommodating 39 gallon plastic liners, are available in 6 colors
  7. Washable leakproof bags are available in 4 colors
  8. All standard line hampers available in “no bag” models
  9. PLEASE SPECIFY: Velcro-front mesh bag or leakproof bag and color

34″ H x 57.25″ W x 17.75″ D
Wt. 31 lbs


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