Patient Transfer

Every medical facility performs lateral patient transfers on a daily basis.  There are many types of devices used to perform these
transfers including patient slider boards, patient roller boards and our unique EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Board.

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EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Boards

Gold Antimicrobial cover around a soft durable core, make this EZ-Tranz Board an elite transfer aid. Conveyor type action allows for smooth lateral transfer of patients. Extremely lightweight and easy to use make this the first choice for medical professionals and patients.

  • EZ – Easy to use because of the picture depicting how to use, as well as our wall rack to keep it right where you need it.
  • SAFE – Safer for staff because there is no need to lift patients to transfer. MRI SAFE! It is extremely light to lift and position, reducing fatigue and injury to staff.
  • COMFORTABLE – Patients roll quietly and smoothly on the solid foam core which is much more comfortable than metal rollers or plastic sliders.
  • CLEAN – Smooth Antimicrobial Plastic handles coupled with an Ultra Fresh antimicrobial cover make this board a great choice in the fight against HAIs. Can be cleaned with most antibacterial wipes found in healthcare facilities.
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A group of three metal boards with holes in them.

Patient Slider Boards

  • Decrease transfer risk and helps keep your staff and patients safe.
  • Available in half length, full length, or bariatric full length.
  • Transfer patients from stretcher to table or bed.
  • The hand holes double as openings to hang your patient slider board.
  • Made from 3/16″ HDPE for smooth-sliding surface that facilitates easier transfers.


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Patient Transfer Roller Boards

  • Designed to Assist staff members with patient transfer.
  • Eliminates physical lifting of patients.
  • Allows effortless patient transfer from any two combinations of the following: hospital bed, gurney, operating room table, X-ray table, exam table and cast table.
  • Smooth operating rollers make transfer of patients easy.
  • Cover included.
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A black cover that is on top of a table.

Replacement Covers for Roller Boards

Looking to add new life to your old patient transfer rollers?  This is the answer!  The frame of a patient transfer roller board is extremely durable and will last for many years, however, the covers can get worn, cracked and cut over many years of use.

  • Fits Mid Central Medical Roller Boards.
  • Replacement Cover Only
  • Available in 25″, 30″ and 67″ lengths
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Stainless Steel Roller Board Rack

  • Mounts easily on a wall or door for convenient storage of your patient transfer roller board up off the floor.
  • Will fit roller boards made by almost all manufacturers.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Mounting hardware not included due to many different substrates.
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Wall Mount Rack for Patient Slider Boards

  • Durable Stainless Steel construction for easy cleaning.
  • Fits all Mid Central Medical slider boards.
  • Mounting hardware not included due to many different substrates.
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Wall Rack for EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Boards

Constructed of stainless steel material for ease of cleaning and prevention of infection spread. Fits all sizes of EZTranz Gold transfer boards. Keeps boards clean and out of the way, yet in the spot you need them. Each rack holds one board. Mounting hardware not included due to varying substrates.

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