Patient Transfer Roller Boards

  • Designed to Assist staff members with patient transfer.
  • Eliminates physical lifting of patients.
  • Allows effortless patient transfer from any two combinations of the following: hospital bed, gurney, operating room table, X-ray table, exam table and cast table.
  • Smooth operating rollers make transfer of patients easy.
  • Cover included.

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Every medical facility performs lateral patient transfers on a daily basis. There are many types of devices used to perform these transfers including patient slider boards, patient roller boards and our unique EZ-Tranz Gold Transfer Board. Lateral patient transfers occur for a variety of reasons including:

  • Elderly patients that find it difficult to walk or move about.
  • Patients with disabilities that impair their movement.
  • Patients that are under anesthetic a or unconscious.

There are a variety of tools at the disposal of medical professionals to perform this transfer. The tool shown on this page is the patient roller board. This consists of a lightweight aluminum frame with rollers. There is a durable cover stretched over the roller to act as a conveyor to help effortlessly transfer the patient from one bed or table to another. Simply lock the casters on both beds, log roll your patient, slip the roller under neath and then convey the patient to the new bed or table. By using the low friction rollers, the stress on your staff is minimized. The patient transfer roller board is available in 3 different sizes.

  • Short length is 25″ long which makes it nimble for tight spaces and smaller patients.
  • Medium Length is 30″ long, our most popular sized used in most OR’s around the world.
  • Long length is 67″ long and is designed for larger patients or in situations where a full length roller is needed.

It is very important to use safe patient transferring guidelines and to ensure you have adequate personnel to perform a transfer before you begin. The patient transfer roller is our most common patient transfer device and is affordable enough for most facilities. Make sure you pair it with a Roller Board Rack to ensure your investment is protected and that it is clean and ready for use whenever the need may arise.


Patient Transfer Brochure (PDF)

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25" Roller Board, 30" Roller Board, 67" Roller Board