Amsco/Steris 3080/3085 Foot Section Options

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AM3080/85F/S Foot Standard, AM3080/85F/D Foot Deluxe, AM3080/85F/DWS Foot Deluxe w/Welded Seams, AM3080/85F/DGP Foot Deluxe w/Gel Pad, AM3080/85F/GPWS Foot Deluxe w/Gel Pad/Welded Seams, AM3080/85F/SC Foot Softcare Foam, AM3080/85F/SCWS Foot Softcare Foam w/Welded Seams, AM3080/85F/SCGP Foot Softcare Foam w/Gel Pad, AM3080/85F/SCGPWS Foot Softcare Foam w/Gel Pad/Welded Seams


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