Contoured CONIP/DS 100″x23″x2″ Deluxe Sewn
Contoured CONIP/DW 100″x23″x2″ Deluxe Welded

Contoured CONIP/SS 100″x23″x2″ Softcare Sewn

Contoured CONIP/SW 100″x23″x2″ Softcare Welded

CT Table CTTIP/DS 78″x14″x2″ Deluxe Sewn

CT Table CTTIP/DW 78″x14″x2″ Deluxe Welded

CT Table CTTIP/SS 78″x14″x2″ Softcare Sewn

CT Table CTTIP/SW 78″x14″x2″ Softcare Welded

Cysto Pad CYIP/DS 44″x24″x2″ Deluxe Sewn

Cysto Pad CYIP/DW 44″x24″x2″ Deluxe Welded

Cysto Pad CYIP/SS 44″x24″x2″ Softcare Sewn

Cysto Pad CYIP/SW 44″x24″x2″ Softcare Welded

Economy Narrow ENIP/DS 72″x19″x2″ Deluxe Sewn

Economy Narrow ENIP/DW 72″x19″x2″ Deluxe Welded

Economy Narrow ENIP/SS 72″x19″x2″ Softcare Sewn
Economy Narrow ENIP/SW 72″x19″x2″ Softcare Welded
Economy X-Ray EXRIP/DS 72″x24″x2″ Deluxe Sewn

Economy X-Ray EXRIP/DW 72″x24″x2″ Deluxe Welded

Economy X-Ray EXRIP/SS 72″x24″x2″ Softcare Sewn

Economy X-Ray EXRIP/SW 72″x24″x2″ Softcare Welded

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Contoured CONIP/DS 100"x23"x2" Deluxe Sewn, Contoured CONIP/DW 100"x23"x2" Deluxe Welded, Contoured CONIP/SS 100"x23"x2" Softcare Sewn, Contoured CONIP/SW 100"x23"x2" Softcare Welded, CT Table CTTIP/DS 78"x14"x2" Deluxe Sewn, CT Table CTTIP/DW 78"x14"x2" Deluxe Welded, CT Table CTTIP/SS 78"x14"x2" Softcare Sewn, CT Table CTTIP/SW 78"x14"x2" Softcare Welded, Cysto Pad CYIP/DS 44"x24"x2" Deluxe Sewn, Cysto Pad CYIP/DW 44"x24"x2" Deluxe Welded, Cysto Pad CYIP/SS 44"x24"x2" Softcare Sewn, Cysto Pad CYIP/SW 44"x24"x2" Softcare Welded, Economy Narrow ENIP/DS 72"x19"x2" Deluxe Sewn, Economy Narrow ENIP/DW 72"x19"x2" Deluxe Welded, Economy Narrow ENIP/SS 72"x19"x2" Softcare Sewn, Economy Narrow ENIP/SW 72"x19"x2" Softcare Welded, Economy X-Ray EXRIP/DS 72"x24"x2" Deluxe Sewn, Economy X-Ray EXRIP/DW 72"x24"x2" Deluxe Welded, Economy X-Ray EXRIP/SS 72"x24"x2" Softcare Sewn, Economy X-Ray EXRIP/SW 72"x24"x2" Softcare Welded


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